Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Wintercamp. We hope you find them useful. If you have any unanswered questions please email us.

Can I join the event team as part of my Duke of Edinburgh or Queen’s Scout Award?

Yes – join us in the week leading up to Wintercamp for a great rewarding residential project as part of your DofE or Queen’s Scout Award sign up here. Any questions, email us at info@scoutadventures.org.uk.

Can I bring Young Leaders/Helpers?

Yes but as they’re the same age as participants they’ll need to buy a participant ticket. Their role during the event will be up to you. Take a look at ticket prices here.

Is food provided?

Food isn’t included in the ticket price. You can either book catering, bring your own or buy food from the mobile catering units. Menus and prices here.

Do all young people need to be accompanied by a Leader?

All young people must be accompanied by a Leader who’s responsible for them at all times at the event. The only exception are Explorers who can attend on an Event Passport.

Do I need to have InTouch arrangements in place?

Group Leaders are responsible for their group’s own InTouch arrangements, this includes holding the next of kin details for all their own leaders and young people and having their own contact details for the InTouch purposes with their districts. For Explorers attending the event on an Event Passport, they must have in place their own InTouch processes as agreed with the permit holder issuing the permit to them. Make sure your InTouch process is in line with TSA’s POR.


Do I book young people individually or as a group?

All bookings must be made by a Leader as a group. Individual bookings can’t be accepted.

Can leaders take part in activities?

Sorry, leaders can’t take part in activities within the main programme.

What section is the event open to?

Scout and Explorer sections, Guides and Rangers who are under the age of 18.

There were some long queues last year, will this year be the same?

Hopefully we’ve fixed it, by increasing activity capacity to limit queuing times.

What should I do if I feel something is unsafe?

Go to the event staff straight away and they’ll sort it.

Can we set up our camp before the weekend?

You can set up on the Thursday before the event. If you’re staying overnight you’ll need to pay an additional camp fee per person.

The site won’t open on the Friday for groups until 2pm so we can be fully prepared for the event.

What happens if I do not book by the closing date?

You’re likely to miss out as it’s usually a sell-out event. Book as early as possible. 

Can we stay at Gilwell or Hawkhirst and camp the week before?

We keep it only to the Thursday before the event, so we can make sure we’re ready.

Do you need help with the event?

Yes please, the week before the event and during weekend we always need help. To join our volunteer team, email us at info.request@wintercamp.org.uk

Can I bring more people on the day?

You can bring three more extra participants on the day per group, but these can’t be catered places.

Is there an event badge?

There is! You can buy badges with your tickets. We will have limited availability on site but to avoid disappointment, make sure you pre-book them. You can have a look the Merchandise page.

How do the activities work?

Queue and do! All activities are there for you to take part in and enjoy.

Do we have to pay extra for any activities?

You’ll be glad to know all activities are included in the ticket price.

What refreshments will be available?

We will have a snack bar so drinks and sweets are on sale for the weekend. 

What about special needs groups, are all activities open to them?

See the activity instructor who’ll assess the suitability of the activity and provide additional support if needed.

Will there be alternative activities if there’s wet weather?

All activities will continue as long as it’s safe. But bring a raincoat.

Do I need to stay with my group during the day?

It’s up to you. All we ask is that you’re available if you’re needed.

Will we be allocated a campsite on arrival?

Yes, as we use an allocation system for campsites.

Will it be muddy?

It can be if it rains, pack clothes and shoes to allow for bad weather.

Is there an event t-shirt?

Sure is. Order your event t-shirt before mid-November.

Will there be first aid facilities on-site?

Of course, an external first aid provision will be on both centres all weekend.

Is there a meeting place for groups arriving separately?

Then best meeting points at Gilwell Park are outside reception or the Clock Tower in the main camp square. At Hawkhirst outside reception.

Do you have indoor accommodation available?

Outside only for the full Wintercamp experience.

Can I bring Cub-aged young people?

No, we strongly discourage it as the event is suitable for Scouts and Explorers.

What’s the situation regarding Nights Away permits?

You need a Nights Away permit, if you don’t, find a group that has and pair up with them or find an additional leader from another section that does. There’s no blanket Nights Away coverage for this event. In exceptional circumstances where a Nights Away permit’s an issue, contact info.request@wintercamp.org.uk

Can we put up a marquee?

You need to contact us at info.request@wintercamp.org.uk to make arrangements

Can we come as a day visit?

Wintercamp has so much going on, a day just isn’t enough, it’s for the weekend only – so no day visitors allowed sorry. Weekenders only!

Can we bring Leaders’ children with us?

No sorry. But if you need to bring them they need to be a member of The Scout Association through another section (or where the Scout Group has taken out additional insurance). Also they can’t take part in activities and should pay the Leader/Helper price. Email us at info.request@wintercamp.org.uk for any questions.

What does ‘on-site contact number’ mean on the nominal roll form?

The on-site contact number on the nominal roll form should only be filled in for Leaders/Helpers, and would normally be a mobile telephone number. It will only be used in a situation where a young person needs to contact their leader urgently.

What happens if the event becomes full before the closing date?

Everyone with tickets will be happy but if you don’t book early, you could miss out.

Can I buy extra t-shirts on top of what I have ordered?

You can add merchandise to your booking before the deadline and if available, contact us and we can help let you know if possible. There’s only a few to buy on the weekend itself.

Can we add meal orders?

Not after the cut-off date, you won’t starve though see other food options here.

Why do you not operate an activity allocation system?

We’ve found it limits the experience as it’s too restrictive. For more popular events we control numbers by using ID cards, so everyone can have a go. And if you want to have another go and there’s no queue you can.

Can we see your risk assessments?

Absolutely, our Event Safety Plan is available for viewing at the event in the event office. We can’t publish this in advance due to its size, complexity and things can change right up until the day. 

Do you allow dogs on-site?

Only guide dogs and other assistance dogs allowed.

I have received an initial confirmation, when should I expect the full details?

We’ll email every confirmed booking every 10 days with updates that include programme, parking arrangements, activity maps and all essential information for the event. Keep an eye on our Facebook to keep completely up to date. 

Can I use our own parental consent forms?

Unfortunately we need our consent forms for any of our activities requiring it.

Does a shuttle bus operate from the station at Chingford or Hexham?

You can jump on a shuttle bus at Chingford (Gilwell Park), just take the short walk to Chingford Plains. For Hexham (Hawkhirst) we can’t offer a shuttle bus service.

What do I need to bring for whitewater rafting and kayaking at Gilwell?

There are limited paces for these activities, but details of what you need can be found at the Lee Valley website.

Is there an age limit for whitewater rafting at Gilwell?

Yes this is minimum of 10 as per the consent form.

Will the roads be ploughed at Hawkhirst if it snows?

The local authority ensures the road immediately outside of the centre is cleared and we look after the clearing of the access road.

Will you be running water activities at Wintercamp?

If the weather is good and there is availability, yes, we will be running some water activities at both centres. The list on what to bring will be published on our website closer to the event.

I’ve ordered merchandise. What size is small/medium/large/XL and XXL?

T-shirts and Hoodie – Small – 34/36”, Medium – 38/40”, Large – 42/44”, XL – 46/48”, XXL – 50/52”