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So you’re ready to jump from the sofa and the warmth of indoors to take on the challenge of Wintercamp in the great outdoors where amazing things happen.  You’ll be in your element, joining thousands of Scouts and Explorers trying out loads of activities being with friends, making new ones and most of all – having an unforgettable experience. 


Take a look closer to the 2020 event date for all what’s happening, but to give you an idea see activities from last year here

When and ticket price?

Bookings are now open. Book here

Food and merchandise

I’m sure you’ll be cooking up your own tasty treats but if you want to let us take the strain, take a look at sample food options here.  See the latest merchandise available to buy online before the event.

I’ve booked, what next?

From arrival and departure information to registration and reception, it’s all here to help make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

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You’re a Scout. I’m sure you can find your way but just in case. Find out how you get to Wintercamp.